Additional Uses and Benefits

Specific Cash Gifts

Cash Gifts; Cash Assets; Asset Protection

This is a guaranteed way to make sure a specific dollar amount goes to a loved one that avoids probate, and contestments.

Nursing Home Protection

Nursing Home; Nursing home Protection; Asset Protection

This type of planning and Trust Work protects all cash assets from nursing homes. As long as they account has been opened for five years, a nursing home cannot touch the cash in this trust.

Fly In Loved Ones.

Attend Funeral; Fly Loved Ones;

If you already have your funeral planned out, Make sure your loved ones can attend. This trust will make sure your loved ones gets money within 24 to 48 hours, Without the need of a death certificate, to attend the funeral. 

Pay for Any Additional Costs


Remember, When you pass away, all of your financial accounts are frozen, but your bills are not. This would be a great way to make sure the bills such as Mortgage, Electric, Insurance, and others get paid, until your accounts become unfrozen. 

Each State is Different

State Specifics; United States

Each State in the U.S. has different limits on what you can and cannot put in this type of trust. Contact Us for your state specifics. 

Plus More!


There is so much we can do to plan and help you protect your estate. If you have any Additional Questions or information you will like, please head over to our Contact Us page.